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About once per month all submissions are reviewed.

Submissions originally reviewed fall into 2 categories.

1. Possible inclusion.
2. Rejected entries.

Most entries are rejected for the simple reason that they are not targeted to a young audience or have no materials appropriate for young people.

Another reason entries are rejected is because the main focus of the site is the sale of product. Although if there is relevant educational materials available to the general public some sites are still considered.

Once through the initial review, sites are investigated and if there are no glaring problems discovered (such as pages not loading or lots of dead links) then the site is categorized and an award level assigned. See "view awards" for more specifics.

Once assigined, the site owner is contacted by email with linking instructions, and the site is listed in our awarded site directory.

Additionally the awarded sites are mentioned in the periodic Lil' Fingers' Newsletter.
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