Below is a list of web sites that have been specially selected as the best of Kid Sites. Up to 10 sites are chosen each month.

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Current Winners:

NASA's Kids Science News Network
  NASA's Kids Science News Network explains the everyday phenomena of our world, corrects misconceptions, and answers frequently asked questions.
Akhlah: The Jewish Children's Learning Network
  The excelent resource for Jewish Children, Parents and Educators. Learn about the weekly Parsha, Israel, The Hebrew Aleph-Bet, Jewish Holidays, Torah Heroes and have a great time while learning all about Judiasm.
Pauly's Playhouse
  Pauly's Playhouse features online interactive games, activities and cartoons for children 3 and up.
The Official Aford T. Turtle Website
  Official site of the all-ages comic strip "Aford". Daily comics, fan section, drawing contest, and much more!
The North Carolina Aquariums
  The official site of the North Carolina Aquariums includes a 'kids tank' section with interactive features such as an interactive touch tank with short informational videos on aquatic and sea life games as well as great information.
  A fun and free reminder service for parents to remember special days.
Mrs. Ann's Preschool Page
  Helpful ideas for the entire school year for other teachers, parents and kids. Also, provides general school information and a lot of links listed for kids, parents, and teachers.

2002 Winners: Game Page
  Online games including Xtreme Snowboard, Grand Canyon Climb, Jig Saw Puzzles, Cat Dog Sing-A-Long, Rugrats Concentration, Big League Chew Stadium Game and many more. Note: Games use Flash.
The Chevron Cars is a games, learning and shopping site featuring the popular Chevron Car characters. Enjoy car-related games and activities, manage personal collections online, compete to win prizes for learning.
Childcare University
  This is an online magazine for childcare providers and parents. It provides resource information to those who care for kids.
Edu Helper
  Thousands of free worksheets, over 10,000 searchable lesson plans, thousands of webquests educational programs.
Kidzone Fun Facts
  Free printable activity worksheets, facts and photos for preschool, kindergarten and grade school children.
  A great virtual pet community for kids. has free online games, quizzes, clip art, e-cards, wallpaper, kids jokes, screensavers, and more.
Bible Kids Fun Zone
  Free Christian site for preschool-K kids. Free weekly devotions with printable activities (crafts, color pages, games.) to go with each devotion. Lots of cute printable coloring pages, and quick, easy crafts for little hands. Activities and games for learning too (ABC's, shapes, math games, mazes, puzzles, etc.).
The Child Development Web
  Developed to assist parents and professionals in monitoring a child's development, and obtaining information on how to acquire services for children of special needs.
CYKE - Cyber Knowledge and Emotion
  Take a ride with the E. Motion Express and find out how to help Monkey, Sandy, Piggy, and Tripitaka with their feelings.
ESL KidStuff
  ESL resource site for kids teachers. Over 800 original flashcards, hundreds of worksheets, games & activities, job postings and much more.
Home School Advisor
  Ask questions about homeschooling and get a prompt reply from one of our home education experts, read student writings, buy homeschool curriculum online, find local homeschool support groups, discover your state's homeschooling laws, and a lot more.
Kids Online Magazine
  An online magazine written by kids and for kids. Children can send in their writing and artwork to be 'published' on the site.
Mrs. Turner's First Grade Class
  Every page has a different theme with animations and cursors. Fun and educational information for parents.
On A Whim
  Whimsicalmom's fun and vibrant hideout. Featuring inspirational art, exciting kid art projects, coloring pages, free greeting cards, giftshop, and more!
Out 2 Teach
  Out2Teach is an 'online education community' created by a 9th grade student. We offer information and services geared toward Students (Research Links Database), Teachers (Tech Integraton Ideas), and Webmasters (dynamic content).
Pregnancy Info
  Helping you through your pregnancy, from preconception to the early years.
Planet Dexters
  Everything for fans of Dexter's Laboratory and More! News, Pictures, Animated Gifs, Downloads, Games, Videos, DexECards, Inventions, Music, Links, Poll, Forum, Characters, Episodes and Daily Cartoon.
Safer Child
  A non-profit information and referral resource dedicated to the health and safety of children. Providing support to parents who are seeking critical, up-to-date and objective information related to all child raising and safety issues.
The Learning Leap
  The Learning Leap is a K-2 teacher resource site. It contains many terrific original resources for teacher use.
Woo's Wonder World of Pooh
  Classic Pooh resource, inforamtive site, made in the true essence of Original Pooh - interactive, family site.

2001 Winners:

ABC Teach
  Fun ideas and activities for kids, parents, student teachers, and teachers. Included are free printable activity sheets and project helpers.
  Online activity center for kids. A great place for kids, parents or teachers to find fun and educational projects to download and print.
  KidBibs provides parents and teachers with strategies to support the reading, writing, and learning of children.
  Explore the Universe with online with
Kulture Kidz
  This website explores African-American culture. Excellent resource for Black History Month.
Mom Planet
  Great information and articles for parents about parenting.
Parent to Parent
  Nationally syndicated parenting columnist of Parent to Parent, Jodie Lynn, offers a web site and column written for parents by parents.
Parents DB
  A growing interactive resource for parents dedicated to parenting. Parents can ask and answer questions on topics that parents care about.
  Cooking and creating in the kitchen with recipes for learning.
Sanity Central
  A humorous look at parenting..."put your bunny slippers on, pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, and dive into our nutbowl!" Note: For the parents, not the kiddies.
Songs 4 Teachers
  Theme-related songs, poems, activities, printables, puzzles and more. All available for download.
Time for Kids
  The news, information, exploration destination for kids on the Web, is the cyber-sibling of TIME for Kids magazine, the classroom edition of TIME magazine.
123 Kidz Area
  A directory of companies and site useful for children and families.
Andrea's OhBother Page Home of Classic Pooh
  An enchanted spot for Pooh lovers of all ages where you will find lots of printables, games, history... and much more.
  Lots of interesting recipes, activities and links broken down by catagory.
Classic Pooh
  Classic Winnie the Pooh history and information. Interactive fun for all ages.
Disney's World of Wonders
  Unofficial Disney website with games, graphics, lyrics, info and much more!
  A unique charity that that sends out 1000 white porcelain hearts to celebrities and asks them to sign those hearts. The returned hearts are sold in online-auction for SOS Childrens's Villages Charity.
  Great resource for day care providers and parents with children in day care.
Natural Learning
  Educational Resource for workshops Free fingerplays and art section
Nature, wildlife and Landscape Photography
  Nature, wildlife and landscape photography including flora, sunsets and desert scenery. Also photo tips to help take better pictures.
Play Kids Games
  On line kids games featuring alphabet games and math games. Made by parents for kids and parents to have fun while learning.
  The source For all things Pokémon. Tips, hints, and news.
  Scribbles is a place for children of all ages who love to learn and create art.

2000 Winners:

  Lots of great fun from Alfy, the kids portal playground.
Between the Lions
  From the PBS series, "Between the Lions" the site offers stories, games, and adventures.
Billy Bear 4 Kids
  A great site for fun & games, show & tell and clip art.
Black Dog for Kids
  Black Dog has all kinds of neat things to see and do for kids!
Cartoon Critters
  Cartoon animal pictures to print and color, or color online. Kids can learn to draw cartoons.
Children's Storybooks Online
  Children's Storybooks Online contains great storybooks for kids broken down into 3 catagories... Young Children, Older Children and Young Adult.
The Color Site
  If your kids like coloring online or offline, this site is a must see. "The color site" allows your child to color animated coloring pages!
  Lots of coloring kids stuf including activity books and games.
Daily Activity Calendar
  The daily activity calendar from FrankSchaffer Online is a great resource for adding a little structure into your toddler's day. The calandar is mainly focused for educators, but is also great for one on one activities.
Dinosaur Treks
  Learn all about individual dinosaurs, their tracks, and their associated extinction theories. Immerse yourself in three interactive dinosaur treks to get acquainted with the different dinosaurs that existed throughout the world millions of years ago in English & Spanish.
Gigglepots is great educational site for teachers, students & parents.
Haring Kids
  "Haring Kids" is a great visual experience featuring the art of Keith Haring, complete with screen savers, and coloring books.
Holidays on the Net
  Holidays on the Net is a great collection of holiday related material containing a a wealth of information about holiday history and activities.
Internet for Kids @'s "Internet for kids", is a great starting point for parents surfing the web with their kids, with great articles, links and goodies.
Just About Me
  "Just About Me" features children's identification and fingerprint kits for parents. A great resource.
Kids Domain
  Kids Domain features reading fun for young kids, crafts and downloads.
Kids Go Wild
  "Kids Go Wild" is a great, kid friendly site by the Wildlife Conservation Society. Kids will love the wild animal facts, and the Wild Arcade.
  From the Legend of Chateau Meddybemps,to the The Bean Cellar, Meddybemps will keep young and old busy for hours!
  OH! Kids is the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN) area for kids ages 11 and under. Kids will find lots of great things to do here.
Perpetual Preschool
  Perpetual is designed to celebrate the creativity and dedication of all those who contribute to the perpetual education of young children. Sections include snack ideas, outdoor fun and holiday areas.
RHL School: Free worksheets
  Your place to get an enormous supply of free quality worksheets for teaching, reinforcement, and review for parents and teachers
The World of Merpy is the home of the animated, musical and interactive tales of M.R. Petit's Merpy, Jeremy Dragonfly. Check it out today!
The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
  Great science related kid information including fun and games, and even a place to ask questions!

A to Z Teacher Stuff
  A to Z has online lesson plans, children's literature activities, teacher tips, projects, and ideas.
Amazing Kids
  Amazing Kids is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to inspiring excellence in children!
Audubon Adopt-a-Bird
  Learn about hawks, owls, falcons, kites and eagles, complete with photos.
Babies Online
  Babies Online helps parents show off their babies with baby pages, freebies, and contests.
Bear Time
  Follow the adventures of two little teddy bears. Bear Time features original, illustrated stories, songs, and poems as well as coloring pages, picture book reviews, and a space for kids to share their own art work and stories.
  A unique online community experience for the avid book lover. Providing quality member reviews, discussions and online chat.
DLTK's Crafts for Kids
  Featuring fun children's crafts and coloring pages including projects for holidays, and educational themes.
Enchanted Learning
  Find lots of great pictures and texts about all kinds of animals, from sharks to birds to dinosaurs.
A Gadzillion Things To Think About
  Ever wonder why is a pear called a pear when there is only one? This fun family site filled with thousands of humorous questions to encourage creative thought in all age groups.
Games Kids Play
  Looking for kids games? How about rules for playground games, verses for jump-rope rhymes, and much more!
Hide and Seek Puppies
  A cute little game! Find the puppies. It will keep little ones coming back for more.
How Stuff Works
  Ever wonder how stuff works?
The Idea Box
  Looking for great stuff to do with the kids? Check out "The Idea Box", with links, contests, games, crafts, and recipes.
January Magazine
  January magazine is a great resource for reviews of new books for older and younger children literature. Features interviews and profiles of well-known authors including Sue Grafton and Judy Blume.
Kids Life Magazine
  Free material to learn/teach/play with English. Courses, documents, games, exercises, tests, and interactive pages.
Mommy Tips
  Mommy Tips refers to the site as facts, fun and fiction about all that "mommy stuff". We agree!
A Monster Tale
  Find out how a little boy uses the monsters under his bed to calm his fears. A fun story for kids of all ages.
Mrs. Alphabet
  Mrs. Alphabet offers games and activities for learning the alphabet, phonics and math.
  Buy One Share Of Stock As A Gift Or Collectable with no minimum deposits or set-up fees. Even if you don't buy, you can check out what all the stock certificates look like!
  "Primary Games" has free online games for elementary age kids. Plus interactive storybooks, holiday coloring pages, stationary, and musical postcards!
Punky's Child Care Connection
  Punky's is full of ideas and articles for child care professionals who work with very young children. Message Board, chat room.
Talented Kids
  A theme-oriented Kids portal showcasing the talents of today's Kids allowing for content, community, and exploration.
Theyr Weather
  Discover weather patterns in 39 languages from all around the world
The Weather Guys
  Find out about the weather in your area or anywhere in the country, with State Flower, Tree, and State Bird for every state.

The Australian treefrog
  A great little site dedicated to the natural history of the orange-eyed treefrog.
By Gosh
  Looking for online versions of classic stories? Then take a look at "By Gosh", created by Gayle Gosh. Illustrated stories for the young ones, and other stories and novels for the older ones.
Dog Names
  If you've ever had to choose a name for a puppy and all you could come up with was "spot", give dognames a try. More names than you can shake a stick at.
An Exposition through The Hundred Acre Woods
  A great little site for Pooh adventures.
The Frog Log
  "The Frog Log" is an endearing little site with stories activities and links for the wee ones. (Sorry- site no longer live)
Giggle, Giggle, Snicker, Laugh!
  Giggle, Giggle, Snicker, Laugh! features the funny poetry of Robert Pottle. A fun little spot for the little ones, if not the little little ones.
Hanky Kids
  Unique journals that will help document your child's growth and development on a daily basis. Plus parenting links and parenting quiz.
  Learn-a-Lot Phonics workbooks and board games make learning fun and easy! Check them out online before you buy.
Pizza Therapy
  Complete with free Italian recipies, Pizza Therapy is a fun site that will show you how to make a real pizza with your kids.
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