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Below are the basic requirements of the Lil' Fingers Kid Friendly Award. The main differences between the 3 award levels are only the degree of educational and original content available to your users.

Site should be kid friendly.
Kid Friendly sites have content for kids (content for parents is also ok). Learing tools, games and pictures qualify as kids content, as of course do coloring pages and crafts.

Pages should be quick loading.
Whether or not you apply for our award. A good rule of thumb is to keep pages under 50k each. Remember that most people use 28.8 modems and need to wait until the whole page is loaded before they can see any content you may show them.

Pages must contain good content beneficial to visitors.
A nice photo of you may impress grandma, but for the other 99.9% of the people surfing the web, they would much rather see your great recipe for making fudge brownies.

Easy Surfing Capabilities.
The best sites have easily accessible buttons to move around your site. If you have to press the "BACK" button, you're doing something wrong.

No adult websites or get rich quick schemes allowed to apply.
Family content only please.

All participants selected as award winner must display the award and link to award page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us before you submit your site.

Only winners will be notified. Winning sites are chosen monthly, and will be notified at the time of the monthly award cycle.

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